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  • Onion and Garlic, Could these be exacerbating my IBS?

    Onion and garlic are both items that should be excluded while undergoing a low FODMAP diet. They contain fructo-oligosaccharides, which are difficult to digest in the small intestines, causing fermentation of gut bacteria, and worsening of IBS symptoms. Onion and garlic are commonly used seasonings, …

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  • What is quinoa?

    Quinoa is considered to be “a high protein grain with a lot of nutrients from South America.” It is a complete protein meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs and can’t synthesize for multiple functions. Quinoa dishes can be made …

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  • C-diff treatment makes positive difference in patient’s health

    Clostridium difficile colitis results from disruption of normal healthy bacteria in the colon, often from antibiotics. C. difficile can also be transmitted from person to person by spores. It can cause severe damage to the colon and even be fatal.  

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