Our Facility

Our Facility

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The Endoscopy Center is located at 4810 North Davis Highway, Pensacola, FL 32503.

The Facility

The facility houses five suites where procedures are performed and open up  into a central recovery room.  This recovery room is monitored from the nurses’ station.  A step down recovery area is utilized for patients who are further observed prior to their discharge.   A comfortable waiting room has been made available for those family members and others who accompany the patient.  The waiting area includes coffee, cable television, and magazines.  Private conference rooms are available so the physicians can discuss the procedure and findings with the patient and family.

The Procedure Rooms

Each procedure suite is equipped with video monitoring equipment to provide a better examination and better documentation for the patient record.  All procedure suites are equipped with wall suction and oxygen units and equipment capable of monitoring cardiac rhythm, pulse rate and the oxygen saturation of each patient.

The Recovery Room

The recovery room is equipped with ten stretchers which are all in easy view of the nurses’ station.  The recovery beds are also equipped with pulse oximeters which are monitored closely by the recovery room nurses.  A defibrillator and crash cart are located in the recovery room for emergency situations.  A registered nurse is in charge of the recovery area.

Sterilization Room

A sterilization room is devoted to cleaning and disinfecting all medical instruments.   This room is equipped with an ultrasonic nebulizer, autoclave sterilizer and electronic scope washer which disinfects the instruments.  The Center has strict policies and procedures regarding infection control.  The staff receives continuous training to meet and exceed all government safety precautions.

Special Needs

Our facility has been structured to accommodate individuals with physical limitations.   There are no physical barriers to prevent entering the building or having access to the interior facility.  If you need any special assistance, please let us know at least two days prior to your appointment.

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