Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

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Nutrition and Weight Management Clinic

Our goal is to assist obese patients with weight loss management and provide nutritional support to those with gastroenterology conditions, such as GERD, fatty liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroparesis, etc.

Patients will initially meet with one of our providers to discuss nutrition and weight loss program options for a forty minute consultation. Providers will review with patients medical complications associated obesity and discuss the best nutrition and weight loss plan for the patient.

Patients will use our scale to determine their weight, basic metabolic rate, muscle, water, and fat percentage. Providers will calculate the appropriate amount of calories needed through diet and exercise expenditure in order to lose weight and set up a weekly plan. The goal is to have more energy expenditure than calorie intake. Each patient’s program is tailored to their specific needs and medical conditions.

We will be using a specific weight loss program that incorporates nutritional recommendations with or without meal replacements based on daily calorie intake. We will also be recommending a lower carbohydrate and higher protein diet and help patient’s make the correct food choices in order to lose weight. Exercise guidance will also be provided as maintaining muscle mass will be important to increase metabolism.

Patients will obtain an application for their phones, which they will be able to track calories, review their macronutrients, provide a daily log of how they are doing with the diet plan, and communicate back to the provider. This will assist them with making sure the patient is reaching their goals and losing weight appropriately. We recommend using fitness trackers and nutritional applications, such as My Fitness Pal.

Provider may prescribe certain diet medications if medically necessary to assist with weight loss. These include Phentermine, Qsymia, Topamax, Saxenda, and Contrave.

If a patient presents with a gastroenterology disease we will discuss further nutritional and health tips needed to help alleviate the condition and hopefully reduce the need for medications. These include specific diets related to celiac disease, fatty liver disease, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel disorders, acid reflux, gastroparesis, etc.

Patient will meet anywhere from weekly to monthly with the provider for about a 15-20 minute office visit. They will weigh in on our scale and be provided a handout, will have motivational and educational discussions, medication adjustments, and any change to the nutrition and weight plan during follow up visits.

Services are covered by most insurance companies for patients with a BMI over 30.

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