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Nutritional & Metabolic Disorders – The Karolinska Institute offers this collection of links that focus on a wide variety of nutritional and metabolic diseases and disorders.

Eating Right – The Dietary Guideline Way – This publication is part of “Eating Right…The Dietary Guidelines Way,” USDA’s ongoing nutrition education program to help consumers put the Dietary Guidelines into practice.

The Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children – Developed by the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Dietary Guideline for Americans – The National Agriculture Library offers diet, nutrition and exercise tips.

A Simple Guide to Complex Carbohydrates – Since ancient times, foods containing complex carbohydrates have been considered the traditional nourishers. The Bible tells of how the complex carbohydrate manna miraculously sustained the children of Israel during their progress through the wilderness.

USDA Educational Resources – The USDA offers a variety of information about food and nutrition, the Forest Service, agricultural statistics and natural resource conservation. Also includes a kids’ page.

Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition – Overview and History of FDA and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition FDA Organizational Chart (PDF) and CFSAN Organizational Chart Communicating with Our Stakeholders.

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